What Kind of Lens Should You Choose?

A big concern for many photographers who wish to cover musical events like concerts is the kind of lens they should choose. While I don’t think there is one singular lens to cover a whole concert, there are certain kinds of lenses that are best for specific types of concert photos.

For a Wide Field of View

If it isn’t already obvious, you should choose a wide-angle lens for capturing things like the audience, the stage, or a large chunk of the venue. Fish-eye lenses are not a good choice for concert photos, however, as these warp the perspective of your photos because of the very wide field of view.

For Capturing the Action

When you want to capture the action on stage, a fast prime lens is my recommendation. Prime lenses usually have better image quality that those that can zoom in on their subjects. They also have wider apertures than zoom lenses in the same price bracket. And a wide aperture is very useful for capturing photos in dimly lit situations, like concerts.

For Versatility

If you want to carry just one lens, or something that will give you some more control over your camera’s field of view, a zoom lens with a wide aperture is your best bet. The zoom lens you choose, however, should have a fairly wide focal range and a wide aperture. Keep in mind though that a zoom lens with a wide aperture can be fairly expensive.

To get the best possible photos at a concert, I would recommend that you carry different kinds of lenses as these will help you capture a wider range of shots.

Post Author: truser